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Butte COT Instructor Granted Biodiesel Patent

Posted on: April 10, 2012

John Jackam, an instructor at the Montana Tech College of Technology, has recently secured a patent on a new process for producing biodiesel. According to a press release from Montana Tech, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted patent number 8,088,183 to Mr. Jackam and his co-inventors Joel Pierce and Jeffrey Jones. The patent is titled “Production of biodiesel and glycerin from high free fatty acid feedstocks.”

“We focused on the idea of producing diesel fuel from fatty byproducts left over subsequent to the slaughter of feedstock cattle,” said Mr. Jackam. “We used some sophisticated chemical processes and proved that these byproducts could be harvested and recycled to produce diesel fuel - or as we call it ‘biodiesel.’” Read the press release at

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