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Want to keep informed about renewable energy? Try these electronic newsletters that bring the latest green energy news to your desktop:

Green Power and Market Research News

A weekly compendium of green power issues from the Western Area Power Administration.

Green Power Monthly - E Update

Provides news and information on green power markets and related activities. The site is operated and maintained by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy. Frequently updated, the site contains information on and links to green power providers and their product offerings, utility green pricing programs, and net metering and other policies that affect green power markets. GPN also includes a reference library of relevant papers, articles and reports.

The Oklahoma WinCharger

A newsletter of the Oklahoma Wind Power Assessment Initiative.


A free weekly e-magazine that tracks trends of renewable energy technologies that are being transformed into mainstream energy applications. Compiled by the Canadian Association for Renewable Energies.


Provides visitors with current global solar electricity prices, and index of the latest U.S. module prices, global solar energy news, updates on solar companies and a free weekly newsletter that summarizes solar energy news.


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