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AirHead Emissions Calculator

Helps you calculate approximately how much air pollution you are responsible for in a given month, and target your pollution-reduction efforts to your biggest problems.

Alliance for Climate Protection

The Allliance's mission is to persuade the American people - and people elsewhere in the world - of the importance and urgency of adopting and implementing effective and comprehensive solutions for the climate crisis. The Alliance is undertaking an unprecedented mass persuasion exercise based on scientific facts. Through a new combination of non-partisan alliances with Americans from all walks of life and innovative and far-reaching communication techniques the Alliance will focus on presenting the facts about climate change and its solutions to the general public in an accurate, clear and compelling manner. Use the website to learn how to help stop global warming in your home, community,and workplace,influence community leaders, and more. You can also sign the Alliance's pledge, making a commitment to help stop global warming.

Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Advocates policies that promote the nation's economic, environmental, and national security goals. Members of the Council represent companies on the cutting edge of efficient, economic and environmentally sound technologies, such as fuel cells, solar power, cogeneration, and wind power.

Carbon Pollution Calculator

Use this website and its worksheet to easily tally your own personal "carbon budget."

Chevy Carbon Reduction Website

Learn more about Chevrolet's carbon reduction iniative.

Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA)

Twelve U.S. states have established funds to promote renewable energy and clean energy technologies. CESA is a non-profit project to provide information and technical services to these funds and to work with them to build and expand clean energy markets in the U.S.

Cleaner and Greener

A program of Leonardo Academy Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing pollution. The Cleaner and Greener Environment Program helps individuals, organizations, and businesses have a direct impact on reducing pollution.

Clean Power Research

Designs analytical methods to evaluate clean energy investments (photovoltaics, solar thermal, wind, energy efficiency) and builds software programs based on these methods. These programs are licensed to vendors and other parties to help their customers make purchase decisions. Website contains 10+ years of research results.

DOE Industrial Distributed Energy Program

Describes DOE's Distributed Power Energy Program and its activities and provides information and current news about barriers to distributed power, policies and regulations, technical interconnection issues and upcoming events.

Energy Choice

Electricity and natural gas customers in NorthWestern Energy's service territory can select the company that provides their supply of energy. Find out more on this website.

Environmental & Energy Study Institute

Helps meet the critical need for timely information, the exchange of ideas, and rigorous policy debate on major environmental and energy issues. EESI promotes the development of public policy options that will sustain people, the environment and natural resources, and educates policymakers and other key individuals and constituencies with diverse perspectives through Capitol Hill briefings, roundtables, policy analysis and concise issue papers.

Environmental Protection Agency Climate Change

EPA's Climate Change website offers comprehensive information on the issue of climate change in a way that is accessible and meaningful to all parts of society – communities, individuals, business, states and localities, and governments.

Featured Green Power Reports

A list of select reports from DOE's Green Power Network.


A voluntary certification program for renewable electricity products. The Green-e Program sets consumer protection and environmental standards for electricity products, and verifies that Green-e certified products meet these standards. Electricity products that meet the Green-e Standard for environmental excellence are denoted by the Green-e logo.

Green Energy News

A free information source for news about clean, efficient, and renewable energy.

Green Power Marketing in the United States: A Status Report

Find out what's happening in green power marketing in the United States.

Green Power Network

Learn more about green power from DOE's Green Power Network. The website includes a host of useful information, including primers and other publications, news, upcoming events, and more.

Green Power Partnership

This voluntary EPA program encourages organizations to use green power as a part of best-practice environmental management. On its website you will find information about green power, its benefits, green power leaders, and how to participate in the Partnership.

Guide to Purchasing Green Power

This guide assists Federal agencies considering purchases of power from renewable energy sources.

Harvesting Clean Energy

This website, which features Northwest renewable energy technology profiles and news, is maintained by Climate Solutions, a nonprofit organization based in Olympia, Washington. Its efforts have been supported in part by Region X of the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S.\

Hospital Energy Alliance

HEA is the centerpiece of DOE’s comprehensive initiative, EnergySmart Hospitals, which provides technical resources, tools, and strategies for saving energy and costs through efficient and renewable energy technology applications in health care facilities. EnergySmart Hospitals targets efficiency improvements of 20 percent in existing facilities and 30 percent in new construction over current standards.

How Clean Is the Electricity I Use?

Use this EPA Power Profiler to check how clean your energy is.

Montana Climate Action Project

A collaboration of partners in Montana working to find solutions, create opportunities and empower people around the issue of climate change. Our goal is to provide Montana citizens with the information and tools they need to understand climate change and make personal changes that will have a positive effect on the climate change crisis.

Montana Climate Change Action Plan

Recognizing the profound consequences that global warming could have on the economy, environment, and quality of life in Montana, Governor Brian Schweitzer issued a letter on December 13, 2005, directing the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to establish a Climate Change Advisory Committee (CCAC). Under this initiative, the CCAC
evaluated state-level greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction opportunities in various sectors of Montana’s economy while taking into consideration the Governor’s charge to develop policy recommendations that would “save money, conserve energy, and bolster the Montana economy.” This action plan summarizes the recommendations.

Montana Renewable Energy Association

The Montana Renewable Energy Association, which organized in November 2000 in Butte, is working to expand the use of renewable energy technologies; affect public policy in favor of renewable energy; and educate and inform residents about the benefits and uses of renewable energy.

Montanans for a Healthy Climate

A group dedicated to safeguarding Montana's unique outdoor heritage. By bringing together conservation, recreation, agriculture, business, and other communities, the group hopes to provide possible solutions to climate change.

NW Energy Coalition

An alliance of organizations, utilities, and businesses from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and British Columbia that promotes energy conservation and renewable energy resources promotes development of renewable energy and energy conservation, consumer protection, low-income energy assistance, and fish and wildlife restoration on the Columbia and Snake rivers. In December 2008, NWEC opened a Montana office as part of its new Efficiency Works! campaign.

Renewable Northwest Project

A broad coalition of public-interest organizations and energy companies created to promote renewable energy development in the region. Since its inception, RNP has been a forceful advocate in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana, for basing the region's energy future on clean, renewable resources, such as solar, wind and geothermal.

Repowering Montana: A Blueprint for Homegrown Energy Self-Reliance

This new 2007 publication from the Alternative Energy Resoures Organization (AERO) explains how all of Montana's power needs can be met using conservation and clean, renewable energy while creating jobs, saving money, and revitalizing rural and urban communities.

Sustainable Energy Coalition

Brings together more than 30 national business, environmental, consumer, and energy policy organizations working to promote increased federal support for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and reduced federal support for unsafe or polluting energy resources.

Wind Powering America Program

The group's goal is to build awareness of the benefits of renewable energy technologies for rural landowners and communities, and support implementation through technical and educational resources.


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