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Basin Electric Member Cooperatives
Basin Electric Power Cooperative is a consumer-owned, regional cooperative headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative, Inc.
Central Montana Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., is a member system owned wholesale electric supply cooperative providing electric energy and related services to 15 electric distribution cooperatives. Central Montana operates as a not-for-profit business governed by a 15 member Board of Trustees with one representative from each of the member rural electric cooperative systems. 

Energy Choice
Customers of natural gas and electric service have traditionally purchased all components of these energy services supply, transmission and distribution from a monopoly utility provider. That's going to change. The 1997 Montana Legislature enacted laws to allow competition for the supply of natural gas and electric service. Customers will eventually be able to choose their suppliers for these services, while transmission and distribution of natural gas and electricity will remain with the regulated monopoly providers. To find out how choice will affect you, visit the link above.

Energy West Resources
Energy West Resources in Great Falls will purchase electricity from environmentally safe sources. Proof of the source of electricity is available on request and will be filed with the Montana Public Service Commission.

Flathead Electric Cooperative Inc.
Flathead Electric allows customers to replace a portion of their normal power supply with an equal amount of Environmentally Friendly Power. The amount will be in blocks of 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month. The typical residential energy use is 1,150 kWh per month. Customers who sign up immediately will begin receiving EFP the first of October, however, customers may opt in or out of the program at anytime. Flathead's contract for purchasing EFP has been extended to Sept. 30, 2002. The success of this program will determine if FEC and ENI seek future EFP for its customers.

Lincoln Electric Cooperative
Lincoln Electric Cooperative in Eureka, Montana, serves approximately 2,700 members in a 1,125-square-mile area encompassing portions of northeast Lincoln and northwest Flathead counties. Lincoln has more than 700 miles of line, serving ranches, homes, industry and schools with electric service. The Coop believes geothermal heating and cooling systems are the most efficient and earth-friendly systems on the market. To assist members in using this technology, Lincoln offers loans or cash-back rebates on qualifying systems. In addition, geothermal systems qualify for a renewable energy tax credit from the State of Montana.

Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association
Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association is a nonprofit, consumer-owned electric cooperative headquartered in Sidney, Montana.

Montana-Dakota Utilities
MDU Resources Group, Inc. provides energy, value-added natural resources products and related services. Visit the company's web site for current news, investor information and a company profile.

Montana Electric Cooperatives' Association 
MECA is a not-for-profit, statewide trade association representing 25 consumer-owned electric distribution cooperatives and three generation and transmission cooperatives serving more than 250,000 people across Montana and in the Dakotas, Wyoming and Idaho. The cooperatives' service areas cover all 56 Montana counties. Each cooperative is customer-owned, locally controlled and not-for-profit. MECA is headquartered in Great Falls, Montana.

NorthWestern Energy
NorthWestern Energy provides regulated electric and natural gas transmission and distribution services to 288,000 electric customers and 151,000 natural gas customers in the western two-thirds of Montana.

Ravalli County Electric Cooperative
Ravalli County Electric Cooperative features a Green Info page on its web site. The page includes links to the Center for Resourceful Building Technology, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Energy Ideas Clearinghouse, OIKOS Green Building Source, Home Energy Magazine and Environmental Building Newsletter.

Western Area Power Administration
The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) supports the Million Solar Roofs Initiative and other renewable energy efforts. To learn more about WAPA's non-hydro renewable resources, visit the link above.


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