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NorthWestern Energy Offers Incentives 
for Renewable Energy Projects

NorthWestern Energy's electric customers in Montana who are interested in generating their electricity from the sun and wind or who want to use the sun to heat their domestic water may be eligible to participate in demonstration projects in 2003 to turn their dreams into reality.

The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) is administering two residential solar energy demonstration programs, a wind energy demonstration project and solar projects intended for schools and fire stations.

All the projects are funded by NorthWestern Energy's Universal Systems Benefits (USB) charge paid by the company's electric customers.

Look below for company news releases announcing the residential and school projects, plus applications and accompanying documents for each project, and a list of Montana renewable energy dealers. Applications and accompanying documents can be downloaded in pdf format. 

Learn more about Incentives for Renewable Energy Projects at NorthWestern Energy's website.

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USB Documents

Solar News Release

Solar Water Information
Solar Water Application

Residential PV Introduction
Residential PV Application
Residential PV Specifications

Sun4Schools News Release
Sun4Schools Application
Sun4Schools Contract

Wind News Release
Wind Introduction
Wind Application
Wind Specifications

Fire Station Release
Fire Station Application

Renewable Energy Dealers

About the National Center for Appropriate Technology
NCAT, a national non-profit organization headquartered in Butte, Montana, promotes sustainable technologies and community-based approaches that protect natural resources and assist people in becoming more self-reliant.

About NorthWestern Energy
NorthWestern Energy, as the default supplier, provides electricity supply and transmission services to Montana customers who have not yet chosen a competitive supplier or for whom competitive options do not exist. Regardless of a customer's choice of supplier, NorthWestern Energy continues to provide distribution service to all of its customers at regulated rates. Information about the new default supply rates and the resources regarding energy choice are available at:


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