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Most of the books in our bookstore, plus many others not listed, including how-to manuals, can be ordered directly from Montana renewable energy dealers.

Renewable Energy

The Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook:
The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living
by John Schaeffer (Introduction), Douglas R. Pratt (Editor) 
Paperback - 562 pages 10th edition (July 1999) 
Real Goods; ISBN: 0916571033 

This comprehensive sourcebook includes products ranging from simple energy-saving devices such as compact fluorescent lights to home-scale energy-harvesting systems that utilize the sun, wind, and water to make electricity for people living "off-the-grid." Chapters focus on Independent Living, Land, Shelter, Harvesting Energy, Managing Energy Systems, Heating and Cooling, Water, Energy Conservation, the Nontoxic Home, Home and Market Gardening, Mobility and Electric Vehicles, and Livelihood and Learning.

A Powerful Opportunity: Making Renewable Electricity the Standard, by Steven L. Clemmer, Alan Nogee, and Michael Brower, UCS, 1999. 35 pp. 

A Union of Concerned Scientists study finds that the United States could increase the amount of electricity from renewable energy sources to about 10 times current levels over the next 20 years and still see a 13 percent decrease in electricity prices. Expanding renewable electricity use to these levels would freeze power plant emissions of carbon dioxide the primary cause of global warming — at about year 2000 levels, making a major contribution to meeting the US reduction targets under the Kyoto global waming treaty. 

Powerful Solutions: 7 Ways to Switch America to Renewable Electricity, by Alan Nogee, Steven Clemmer, Bentham Paulos, and Brent Haddad
UCS, 1999. 53 pp. 

This report describes seven practical measures to switch America to renewable electricity sources: renewable portfolio standards, public benefits funding, net metering, fair transmission and distribution rules, fair pollution rules, consumer information, and putting green customer demand to work.

CPL Press Online Bookshop
This online service enables you to buy selected scientific and technical publications, including academic and professional science books & CD-ROMs. Renewable energy titles include:

  • Analysis of Agricultural Energy Systems
  • Biogas from Waste and Water Treatment
  • Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass: A Handbook
  • Photovoltaics in Cold Climates
  • Plant Oils as Fuels
  • Renewable Energy (second edition)
  • Solar Air Systems - Built Examples
  • Solar Air Systems - Product Catalogue
  • Solar Energy in Agriculture
  • Stand-alone Photovoltaic Applications
  • The Future for Renewable Energy Prospects and Directions

PicoTurbine Books
Some of PicoTurbine Books offerings are hard to find books not carried by other U.S. online booksellers, or are books that have very long waiting times (several weeks or more) from other sources. Some are classic renewable energy books at deep discount prices that PicoTurbine keeps in stock for quick shipment. The company's best sellers include:

  • Wind Power Workshop by Hugh Piggott
  • Brakedrum Windmill Plans Year 2000 Edition
  • The Homebuilt Dynamo
  • Solar Water Heating: A DIY Guide
  • How to Build a Solar Cell that Really Works
  • Motors as Generators for Micro-Hydro Power

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