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Most of the books in our bookstore, plus many others not listed, including how-to manuals, can be ordered directly from Montana renewable energy dealers.

Saving Energy

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings
(8th Ed) 
By Alex Wilson, Jennifer Thorne and John Morrill 
Paperback - 225 pages (January 2000) 
American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy; ISBN: 0918249384

Alex Wilson, Jennifer Thorne and John Morrill have assembled a comprehensive guide to energy-saving techniques and devices. They offer consumers the latest techniques for making their homes more efficient, comfortable, and cheaper to live in, and they supply energy ratings for appliances, light bulbs, water heaters, windows, heating systems, and more. 

Residential Energy: Cost Savings and Comfort for Existing Buildings
Training manual for energy-auditor and home-inspector used in courses across the United States. Homeowners use the book as a reference and a primer on home energy conservation.

This book introduces readers to a home's parts, its functions, and its flaws before explaining all the important possibilities for energy conservation. Readers will learn that effective energy conservation requires an integrated approach that identifies the biggest sources of energy waste.

Small Is Profitable
By Amory B. Lovins, Kyle Datta, Thomas Feiler, Karl R. Rábago, Joel N. Swisher P.E., André Lehmann, and Ken Wicker.
Rocky Mountain Institute, 2002.
Softcover, 399 pages, ISBN# 1881071073.

Small Is Profitable: The Hidden Economic Benefits of Making Electrical Resources the Right Size ( describes 207 ways in which the size of "electrical resources" - devices that make, save, or store electricity - affects their economic value. It finds that properly considering the economic benefits of "distributed" (decentralized) electrical resources typically raises their value by a large factor, often approximately tenfold, by improving system planning, utility construction and operation, and service quality, and by avoiding societal costs.

Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing
By John Krigger
Paperback – 224 pages, 300 illustrations (1998)
ISBN 1-880120-10-0

A guidebook to answer all your questions about mobile and manufactured homes, this comprehensive 210-page reference book contains the collective experience of many experts in construction, weatherization, and repair. More than 200 drawings, photos, charts, and graphs complement the text of Your Mobile Home: Energy and Repair Guide for Manufactured Housing. The graphics combine with easy-to-understand writing to make technical information readily available to repair persons, energy technicians, building inspectors, and mobile home owners.

Your Home Cooling Energy Guide
Air conditioning costs Americans about 10 billion dollars each year and is a leading source of air pollution. This 80-page, illustrated manual explores all the options for shading, ventilation, and air-conditioning maintenance. It explains how to use awnings, sun screens, window films, radiant barriers, insulation, reflective coatings, and shade trees. The book also explains how to use fans for low-cost cooling.

Saturn Resource Management also publishes fact sheets that cover specific topic areas in detail:

  • Landscaping for Energy Efficiency
  • Blocking Solar Heat for Summer Comfort
  • Your Air Conditioner
  • Buying a New Air Conditioner.

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