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Micro-hydro System Meets 
Power Needs at Darby Home

The flow of Boulder Creek near Darby generates power for a remote home-energy system.The rushing waters of Boulder Creek 20 miles south of Darby, Montana, provide power for all the 110-volt needs and one 220-volt application for a home in the woods. The system uses an ES&D turbo suitable for low-head generation. With only 25 feet of head, the system puts out more than 400 watts and is grid-intertied for net metering, considerably reducing the electric bill. The system, installed by the owner and purchased from Solar Plexus of Missoula, also employs eight L16 Trojan batteries (for stand-alone capacity), a 4024 sine wave inverter and C40 controller and disconnect. 

Ravalli County and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have permitted the system.

 The inverter and batteries are covered by an insulated box to protect them from the elements and muffle noise.

Photos by Solar Plexus


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