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Solar PowerTax Credit and Rebate Links for New Home Construction

Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes

Visit these websites for more information on tax credits and rebates available for new homes that meet ENERGY STAR standards.


Information on technical standards (building requirements) are located at

BOP (Builder Option Package) #1 is for gas heated homes and homes with heat pumps while BOP #2 is for electric, propane, or oil heated homes.

Attached you will find a list of Active Verifiers. These professionals are trained to certify your home design and coordinate with you and your builder a few site visits to document the quality construction built into your home. The final inspection requires a blower door test to document the homes tightness and test for potential backdrafting from combustion appliances (gas, propane, or wood furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, or clothes dryers).

Montana Energy Conservation Tax Credit

The State of Montana has a $500 tax credit available. For more information, please see

Federal Tax Credit for Energy Efficiency

A Federal tax credit of $2000 is also available. This credit requires working with a trained Verifier. For more information, please see

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

RESNET has created a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that promotes the federal tax credit. For more information, see

E+ Residential New Construction Program

NorthWestern Energy electric customers may be eligible for rebates if you are heating electrically and natural gas is not available. NorthWestern Energy also has a lighting rebate for new homes. For more information, see

Northwest ENERGY STAR: Tax Credits and Incentives

If your power is supplied by someone other than NorthWestern Energy, use the link or call your local electric utility.


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