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MPC Chooses Potential Wind Projects, 
Begins Negotiations with Suppliers

Proposed sites include Wheatland, Jefferson, Madison, Park, Glacier, Deer Lodge and Beaverhead counties 

Butte, Montana (July 12, 2001) – The Montana Power Company has narrowed the list of potential wind generation projects for inclusion in its default supply portfolio and will begin negotiations with the finalists. All of the proposed generation projects are located in Montana. 

"We hope to have the details of our wind generation component completed by the middle of August," said Bill Pascoe, MPC's vice president of Energy Supply. "We will be signing longer term contracts for wind generation – probably in the 20-year range – to achieve competitive prices for our customers." 

While wind is a clean, renewable source of energy, Pascoe said that its varying availability depending on weather conditions and its capital-intensive construction requires purchasers to enter into long-term contracts to achieve prices that are competitive to other sources of generation. The average price of the short-listed projects is less than 3 cents per kilowatt hour. 

"Montana Power is committed to developing a diverse portfolio of competitive electricity providers with different resource bases to serve its default supply customers," said Pascoe. "There is also a positive economic development aspect for the State of Montana." 

The company is looking to purchase a total of 150 megawatts (MW) of wind energy capacity for its default supply customers. Since wind is typically available a third of the time, this equals approximately 50 average MW. The company will consider increasing the amount of wind generation in its portfolio after carefully reviewing economic and operating issues. 

Montana Power assessed each of the projects it received in its recent request for proposals (RFP) according to a set of established criteria including viability, cost, environmental factors, integration with MPC's transmission grid and the ability to be available July 1, 2002. Four developers proposing a total of 21 wind generation sites were identified as "finalists." 

Due the competitive nature of the (RFP) process, some information about each of the projects must remain confidential, including terms, pricing and conditions. However, a general description of the finalists is included: 

  • Navitas Energy of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has proposed two sites, one in Deer Lodge County and the other in Jefferson County.
  • Distributed Generation Systems of Evergreen, Colorado, has proposed a total of five sites in Madison and Park Counties.
  • Montana Wind Harness of Missoula has proposed a total of 12 sites from Glacier County in the north to Beaverhead County in the south.

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