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DNRC Completes RFP's for Wind Energy 
The Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) has completed, published, and distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) for wind energy projects on state school trust land as directed by the Land Board. Earlier this year, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 506, providing a tax incentive to companies choosing to locate wind farms on state school trust land.

DNRC’s objectives in issuing this RFP are: 1) To lease state school trust lands for new commercial scale wind generation facilities. 2) To provide long term, full market value return to state school trust funds. 3) To have the wind power projects achieve commercial operation as soon as possible, with minimal impacts to the environment.

"The RFP process is relatively simple," stated DNRC Property Management Supervisor, Jeanne Fairbanks. "This RFP is directed at experienced wind project developers with a demonstrated ability to design, construct, operate, and maintain large-scale wind energy facilities. Respondents must be able to obtain transmission rights, necessary road and utility easements, the lessee is responsible for the design, labor, materials, and equipment necessary to construct and operate the project. 

"Respondents must be able to obtain construction and long term project financing. Respondents will also be responsible for a transmission study to determine if nearby transmission lines have the carrying capacity to accept and deliver energy generated from the wind project & costs associated with the preparation and completion of the environmental review under the Montana Environmental Policy Act (MEPA)."

The Montana Power Company (MPC) has also developed an RFP to purchase up to 150 megawatts of wind energy from those companies that develop this alternative energy source. "We are pushing forward with this RFP as quickly as possible to allow those companies that plan to respond to the MPC RFP to incorporate state land into their proposals," Fairbanks explained. 

"Wind energy is an attractive alternative for producing electricity in Montana. That is evident by the Legislature passing tax incentives, the MPC’s request to purchase the power and the Land Board making the project a top priority."

According to Fairbanks, upon completion of the RFP process, the DNRC will have to look at the effects wind energy will have on the natural resources. The DNRC plans to do this by following the guidelines outlined in the Montana Environmental Protection Act (MEPA).

For more information about the RFP process, contact DNRC Property Management Supervisor, Jeanne Fairbanks, at 406-542-4346. The entire RFP is also available on-line at

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