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Montana Green Power

Your Guide to Renewable Energy in Montana


Other Resources

If you’re interested in investigating solar energy topics in more detail, check out the following resources!


American Solar Energy Society

Arizona Solar Center Solar Education Links and Resources

Connections + Science: Solar Energy

Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)

Energy Quest

Florida Solar Energy Center

Florida Solar Energy Center Teacher Resources

From Oil Wells to Solar Cells: A Renewable Energy Primer

Going SOLAR Model Education Kit

How Stuff Works: How Solar Cells Work

Interstate Renewable Energy Council

Montana Green Power: Solar Power

National Energy Education Development (NEED)

New Mexico Solar Energy Association

Renewable Energy Factsheets

Solar Dome

Solar Energy Industries Association


Teacher’s Energy Resources

Texas Solar Energy Society

The Energy Story

The Sun’s Joules

Solar Electric Power Association: Schools Going Solar

Federal Government Resources

DOE Office of Power Technologies

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

Energy Smart Schools Teaching Resources

Million Solar Roofs

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Sandia National Laboratory Photovoltaics Program

The Solar Now Project

Solar in Schools

Colorado Solar Schools Program

Global Solar Partners: Projects Showcase

Learning from Light! School Projects

Maryland Solar Schools Program

Montana Sun4Schools Project

Schools Going Solar

Watts On Schools

Other Solar/Energy Curriculums and Lesson Plans

Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools: Educator Lesson Plans


Energy Pathways: SunChaser2 Curriculum

KEEP Activity Guide

Olympic Solar Energy

Renewable Energy Lesson Plans

North Carolina Solar Center: Solar Activities for Students

Solar Exchange Unit

Solar Energy Unit: Can You Harness the Power of the Sun?

Solar Matters: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Intermediate Students in
Grades 4 Through 8

Solar Powered Cars

Solar Wonders: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Secondary Students

Stanford Solar Center Lesson Plans

Tucson Unified School District Solar Curriculum Module

Watts on Schools: Activities

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2001 Solar Demo Homes
Solar Power Initiative
Montana Solar Dealers
Ag Solar

Solar Books

Solar Water Heating
Solar Power Links

Solar in Schools

PV Residential Demonstration    

Solar Projects





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