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Check the resources here for lesson plans on solar energy and other renewable energy technologies, energy conservation, solar cell basics and views of the sun.

Alliance to Save Energy
Download FREE Hands-on, Multidisciplinary Educator Lesson Plans, many of which are used in the Alliance to Save Energy Green Schools project, a unique collaborative effort by teachers, administrators, and facilities and maintenance staff which reduces school energy costs at the same time it educates students. Each of these plans can be download as a PDF file and printed out.

Dr. E's Energy Lab
Learn about wind, solar, geothermal and alternative fuels at Dr. E's Energy Lab. The site also features general pages on renewable energy and energy efficiency tips.

Energy Information Administration Kidsí Page
Answers basic questions about energy and includes sections on renewable and non-renewable energy resources, energy history, and links and publications.

Energy Pathways: SunChaser2 Curriculum
Provides an exciting, hands-on, and comprehensive introduction to the concept of energy and its uses that can be presented to a group of students in a short time (1-2 hours) in conjunction with the SunChaser2 mobile education unit.

Energy Quest
Energy Quest, operated by the California Energy Commission, has dozens of energy education web pages, including pages on solar, wind, and other renewables. All are rated "Safe for Kids."

Environmental Education Exchange
An interactive solar energy education website from Tucson (Arizona) Electric Power.

Geothermal Education Office
Promotes public understanding about geothermal resources and its importance in providing clean sustainable energy while protecting the environment. GEO produces and distributes educational materials about geothermal energy to schools, energy/environmental educators, libraries, industry, and the public.

Green Schools
A project of the Alliance to Save Energy, Green Schools offers lesson plans for teachers, along with other useful resources. This program focuses on energy efficiency rather than solar energy, but is useful nonetheless.

How Hydropower Plants Work
This simple three-part lesson explains hydropower basics. Includes links.

How Solar Cells Work
This simple three-part lesson explains solar cell basics. Includes links.

A hands-on, ready-to-use science curriculum exploring nature and energy. The curriculum was designed by teachers for grades 4-6.  Students can compete in the Metric Olympics, launch water rockets, build and race boats, make rock candy, create water turbines and electromagnets, and much more. Many of the lessons could be used for middle school grades as well.

Montana Energy Education Council
The Montana Energy Education Council (MEEC), a non-profit educational organization, provides educational resources for teachers and students. Services available to teachers include providing energy-related curriculum materials and conducting training workshops. Each spring, MEEC conducts and energy calendar poster contest and also sponsors student awards for energy-related projects entered in the State Science Fair. Teachers may contact MEEC for further information regarding participating in any of these programs:

Jenny Younger, Executive Director
Montana Energy Education Council
17 Hitching Post Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 587-1145

Montana Environmental Education Association
Learn about resources available to Montana environmental educators and find great things for kids to do outdoors.

National Energy Foundation
A nonprofit educational organization and a national leader in teacher training, student programs, instructional materials, development and distribution. NEF's mission is to provide teaching and learning opportunities which promote a better understanding of energy, natural resources, and the environment. NEF develops, produces, and provides cost-effective and affordable supplementary instructional materials about natural resources to aid educators and administrators in the teaching process.

Schools Going Solar 
Did you know that many schools across the country are equipped with solar energy systems that not only provide solar electricity, hot water, good quality lighting and other benefits to the school building, but also help students augment their math and science studies, and even help them stay healthier and earn better grades overall? Find out more at this website, operated by Interstate Renewable Energy Council.

Solar Energy Unit
Background information, as well as current solar energy options, is presented in an active, hands-on format for students in grades 8 or 9. Learner outcomes are measured utilizing alternative assessment. The culminating activity will involve groups creating a solar collecting device utilizing the following concepts: angle of the sun's rays, energy absorbing colors, insulation and reflection.

Solar Now, Inc.
Located in the Sunroom at Beverly High School, Beverly, Massachusetts.  The Sunroom overlooks a 100-kilowatt photovoltaic array and a 10 kilowatt wind-turbine, which are the primary teaching tools used in its programs.  Solar Now is dedicated to renewable energy advocacy and education, as well as research about renewable energy resources around the world, with particular emphasis on PV.

Solar Matters I: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Elementary Students
In grades K-2

An online solar energy science unit developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Solar Matters II: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Elementary Students
In grades 3-5

An online solar energy science unit developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center.

Solar Matters III: A Solar Energy Science Unit for Elementary Students
In grades 6-8

An online solar energy science unit developed by the Florida Solar Energy Center.e

Solar Wonders
Also developed
by the Florida Solar Energy Center, this unit was developed to help high school teachers educate their students about solar energy and its impact on our lives.

Montana Solar Dealers
Ag Solar

Solar Books

Solar Water Heating
Solar Power Links
USB Solar Installations

Solar in Schools

Residental Solar Electric Demonstration Project

Fire Station Solar Electric Demonstration

Sun4Communities Solar Demonstration

Solar Meals for Seniors Demonstration Project

Other Solar Projects

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