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Your Guide to Renewable Energy in Montana


The Power of Solar Energy: A Curriculum Unit for Grades 7-12
is available on line beginning with the Introduction below. Or you can click here to download the Guide as a pdf (1.5MB).

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Learning About Renewable Energy

More Information About Photovoltaics

Solar Power for Montana

Solar Energy Timeline

What Your Students Should Know About Solar Energy


Lesson 1: What is Renewable Energy?

Lesson 2: What Are the Benefits of Rewewable Energy

Lesson 3: What Is Solar Energy?

Lesson 4: How Is Solar Energy Use to Heat Water?

Lesson 5: What Is Montana’s Solar Energy Potential?

Lesson 6: What Is Photovoltaics?

Lesson 7: How Is PV Used?

Lesson 8: Are PV Systems Cost-Effective?

Lesson 9: How Do Other Solar Schools Compare to Ours?

Solar Energy Glossary

Other Resources



Solar Power Initiative
Montana Solar Dealers

Ag Solar

Solar Books

Solar Water Heating
Solar Power Links

Solar in Schools

PV Residential Demonstration    

Solar Projects





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