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American Solar Energy Society
ASES is a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1954 to encourage the use of solar energy technologies. ASES publishes a bimonthly magazine, Solar Today, and offers a variety of solar publications through its catalog.

DOE Office of Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy (EERE)
DOE provides a host of information on renewable energy technologies, including solar water heating.

Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
FSEC is an alternative energy center. The FSEC staff conducts research on a range of solar technologies, offers solar energy workshops, and distributes many free publications to the public. 

North Carolina Solar Center
North Carolina Solar Center provides programs and resources that help people throughout North Carolina take advantage of solar energy. The Center also makes available online numerous publications, including Information Factsheets (30 online technical documents on solar and renewable energy; Sunbook - a guide to solar energy; plus a directory of information resources for conservation and renewable energy information.

Renewable Energy Resource Center
Learn more about solar hot water at the Renewable Energy Resource Center website, a project of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. The site can help you decide if solar hot water is right for you. It will also help you be a better shopper for the right system. 

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) 
SEIA provides lists of solar-equipment manufacturers and dealers and technical publications. 

Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)
SRCC publishes the thermal-performance ratings of solar energy equipment. The SRCC offers
a directory of certified solar systems and collectors as well as a document (OG-300-91) that details the operating guidelines and minimum standards for certifying solar hot-water systems. 

Solar Hot Water: A Primer
A "bonus article" available online from Home Power magazine.

Solar Water Heating Calculator
Use this calculator at the Texas State Energy Conservation Office website to explore the energy usage of your water heater, and to estimate whether a solar water heater could save you money. 


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